Embedded Standard Player

- simple video embedding from your own account


Embedded SOLO Applet

- with weblinks, documents, broadcast title and social media tools

Embedded Feeds

- a video sent from one account to another then embedded on any website


Embedded WebTV Channel Applets


Creating Multimedia Playlists and WebTV Channels for your websites
Group your audio recordings, videos, webcasts with synchronised PowerPoint slides and documents into playlists, similar to iTunes. Create a channel name and add the playlists to create an embedded WebTV complete with video titles, descriptions, presenter profiles, web-links, RSS feeds, smart search, downloadable documents and viewer interactive tools for comments and feedback, email and social media link distribution. 

Product or sponsor banners can be added below the video player and to the applet footer complete with click-through counters for recording stats; perfect for promoting related video content or event sponsors. 

Click here to view a sample of an embedded WebTV Channel.

Sample of Scheduled "Coming Soon" Video


Scheduled a "coming soon" video broadcast ?
Select a pre-broadcast clip from the Uploader to hold the properties of your future video for advance promotion. Your schedule might look like this on a single embedded player or see this link to preview in an Applet playlist.

Once your official video is ready, simply click Options > Replace next to the temporary promo clip.