The complete multimedia storage, management and distribution with accurate and useful analytics

Making real impact online with your live and on-demand corporate and investor communications delivered directly to your target audiences.

Multimedia Content PLATFORM

Upload, store, manage, publish, distribute, monetize and track performance

You own and control all content you upload on 3B NEXUS

Our platform provides the complete infrastructure to enable a personalised secure solution for you to stream live and record, upload on-demand, store, manage, distribute, monetize and track performance with real-time traffic and viewing statistics and reports of all your audio recordings, videos, webcasts, images, documents and advertising content. With our platform, casino game platforms can benefit from real-time traffic and viewing statistics, enabling them to track the performance of their casino games effectively. This valuable data empowers them to make informed decisions regarding user engagement, content optimization, and monetization strategies. By facilitating the seamless streaming of live casino events, recording gameplay highlights, and managing advertising content, we contribute to the success of dünyanın en iyi casino siteleri, or the world's best casino sites, in delivering immersive experiences to their players while maximizing monetization opportunities.

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Targeted regional and international reach to influential professionals in your sectors

Maximize your investor and corporate communications

3B NEXUS supports your marketing to expand reach and deliver your multimedia communications to international sector and market viewers. We provide unique tools and direct access to the leading media publishers in your industry to reach and drive relevant audience traffic to your business. Tell your story exactly at the moment when it matters.

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Universal Media PLAYER

Your videos, audio, images and documents will be processed for viewers on all viewing devices, all screen sizes and all bandwidths

  • Video, audio, images and documents
  • Live streaming and recording
  • Embedded Playlists and Channels
  • Branding, Custom Layouts and Colours
  • Closed Captions and Subtitles
  • Synchronized PowerPoint Slides
  • Smart Search, Social Media and RSS
  • Company contact and Comments stream
  • Third-party content Feeds and Syndication
  • Integrated Ad Networks
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Multimedia PORTAL

3B PORTAL - The place to publish and broadcast your live or on-demand audio recordings, videos, images and documents about financial news, results, products, fund launches and updates, manager interviews and market commentaries. Viewers can access video presentations and webcasts on the portal to gain insights from companies, investors and specialists about trends, local and global events that are influencing their industry and investments. People can also learn in detail about the trading platforms like bitiq that are widely used by investors for profitable returns. BitIQ app is a highly successful auto trading platform for crypto. You can visit bitIQ software 2022 to be a part of such a successful trading platform.