Targeted Delivery of your Communications

Targeted regional and international outreach to influencial decision makers in your sectors

This is our unique and entirely customer focused service combining multimedia, marketing and communications solution offering targeted international outreach to achieve the most comprehensive of direct marketing to relevant audier brand and multimedia messages in front of key international decision makers in your sectors and provide real-time, measurable performance results to gain instant success feedback.

We provide unique tools to access and place your content on the leading media publisher sites in your industry, creating effective meeting points between customers and target audiences, to reach and drive relevant audience traffic to your business. Tell your story exactly at the moment when it matters and have it delivered directly to your intended audience whilst you retain full control, copyright and ownership of your content.

Not just a single aspect of your key message, or a mention in a spread, but a combination of video, audio recordings, presentations, images and documents - critical elements of effective communication in the changing multimedia and news landscape.

Publish on relevant websites

Publish on the 3B PORTAL: the investor communications hub
Publish your investor, corporate and market related broadcasts on the 3B PORTAL for targeted distribution to relevant audiences by sector, investor type, market segment, country or region. The portal also promotes your events, conferences and business services.

Publish on your websites:  embed single players, playlists and WebTV channels
Embed single players for your live or on-demand broadcasts or group them into playlists and simply copy and paste the playlist embed code onto your websites. Simply ‘withdraw’ to recall the player or switch channel on/off to disable the playlist from all embedded sites.

Direct feeds & group distribution

Send and receive content directly between accounts
Share internal and external videos and webcasts directly between user accounts for private viewing, for simple embed or for adding to embedded channel playlists. Whether you are looking to monetize your videos through syndication, promote paying clients or are involved in a co-marketing arrangement with your business partners or other publishers, enrich your own playlists with external content and expand targeted reach through channel subscriptions. Track, monitor and control delivery from and to recipients.

Distribute your videos and webcasts to target groups
Distribute your content to targeted sectors, markets, regions or to specific primary activities such as corporates, investment management, investment banking, financial advisors or research. The recipients’ accounts will receive distributed feeds only if their registered company ‘primary activities’ match your targeted primary activities AND their preferred sectors, markets and regions.

Two-way distribution and relevance audience control
Platform or portal users will not receive any feeds unless they have opted in and set their preferences. Track recipients that have accepted your feeds. Withdraw or block unwanted user accounts from receiving your content feeds. Preview, reject or accept external feeds into your playlists. A single source reference controls all copies of the embedded, shared and distributed videos so when you recall or disconnect the videos at source, all shared, embedded and distributed video search engine links will also be disabled.

Social media sharing

Make the most of social media with sharing options
Allow viewers to share your video links or the embed code from the player. From the video properties, you have full control to disable or show the social media tools for sharing your video link via email and for posting to Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Google+. 3B PLAYER displays share shortcuts on the player control bar to facilitate content sharing. With the Facebook whitelisting inclusion on the player, you can publish your video to play inside your players on Facebook, complete with thumbnail, title and description.

Upload to YouTube
Upload videos directly to a YouTube account from your 3B PLATFORM content libraries. This saves time by preventing multiple uploads and ensures transfer of useful video metadata.

RSS feeds and CMS integration

CMS integration
Integrate your video content and player with: WordPress, Joomla!, Creative Suite, Drupal, YouTube, Facebook, iPhone, Final Cut Pro, IAB VAST/VPAID, Android, Boxee, LongTail, Google Analytics, Squeeze and more. The player includes native support for playing YouTube videos via the Chromeless Player API for basic YouTube playback through the download fall-back functionality. You can simply copy and paste the embedded player code into any CMS.

RSS feeds
Quick and easy access to your content is enhanced with our integrated RSS feeds. Whenever you create embedded playlist channels, our system gives you the option simply to tick a box to place an RSS icon on the channel applet footer. This action produces a unique RSS feed URL for the channel playlist. Each video link within the playlist will be published to the feed from where viewers can subscribe to receive timely updates and alerts.