On-demand uploads

Resumable uploads for your multiple videos and audio files
Upload audio or video presentations for your market commentaries, interviews, announcements, product launches and updates. Our uploader supports multiple media formats with resumable uploads and no limit on file size or video duration. Upload speeds depend on your internet connection on desktops and mobiles.

Attach related transcripts, factsheets, press releases, presentations or research documents to complement your video messages. All the common audio and video formats are supported and encoded to play on all viewing devices, browsers and screens. You can upload video ads for feeding into our own advertising module to stream on our portal or your embedded playlists.

Live streaming & recording

Stream live and record from mobile, webcam, camcorder or broadcast camera
Schedule a broadcast to stream and record live video or audio events, training sessions, news releases, product launches and performance updates, investor & corporate webcasts, analyst calls & notices.

Adaptive streaming with HLS and Flash
Deliver live as well as on-demand adaptive streaming with both Apple HLS (iOS) and Adobe RTMP (Flash). Both options allow you to play your broadcast as you record to archive.  Automatically adjust video quality to available bandwidth and seek to different parts of a video, thus, enabling live webcasting with synchronised and searchable presentation slides. Live recordings, with or without viewers, will inherit all the original broadcast properties including any linked documents for on-demand viewing.

Live stream encoding
A live streaming encoder such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) or Telestream Wirecast is required in order to stream live using RTMP technology. The encoder tool enables your camera to communicate with our servers and ingest the video stream into the server for processing and streaming.

RTMP Live server streaming

Stream live feeds from any RTMP hosted server or platform
Schedule a broadcast and “call-in” live stream feeds from any RTMP hosted platform or server. While the Apple HLS protocol is used for multi-bitrate live streaming in both Flash and HTML5, Adobe RTMP works only in Flash and requires your live feed from a dedicated RTMP server. All you need is the RTMP stream name and stream path to "listen in" and receive live broadcasts from external hosts.

Events & Services promotions

Promote your events and conferences
Reach audiences in all regions and all sectors, worldwide. Promote your investor and corporate events, conferences, seminars, forums, Corporate R&D days, road-shows, and training courses. Linking relevant viewers to a wealth of financial and sector activities taking place around the world.

Promote your business and corporate services 
Advertise your corporate services, business support, new products, funds, your expertise and more. Linking relevant viewers to a wealth of independent service providers offering their products and services to businesses across all sectors in the financial community.

Link promotional videos to your Events and Services promotions. Viewer traffic and analytics are reported for download in real-time.

External hosted Webcasts

Promote your Webcasts hosted on third-party platforms
Advertise to promote your audio and video webcasts hosted on third-party platforms. This is a great way to easily expand reach to relevant viewers on our portal without any technical integration required and whilst retaining all your branding, the original webcast properties and your provider features and facilities.

Linking relevant viewers to a wealth of corporate and investor conference calls, announcements and presentations hosted on third-party platforms. Some publishers may require viewers to register to access their webcasts. Viewers can watch or listen to your hosted webcasts without interfering with your provider services. Viewer traffic and analytics are also reported for download in real-time.

Slides and image gallery

Sync audio and videos files to presentation slides and images from the gallery
Upload and manage presentation slides, images and photos. Share, download, print or sync video timelines with presentation slides and images to easily create cool webcasts. For on-demand videos, simply add the HH:MM:SS timeline for each slide to display in sync with the selected video timeline. For live broadcasts, enter the Broadcast Room and sync slides to the broadcast schedule, each slide will be presented and recorded as you push to show in sync with your live presentation.

We are proud to bring you clear-cut webcasting technology that enables you to capture your target audience, comply with regulation and record full analytics whilst distributing videos and documents and building useful audience databases for your future webcasts distribution.

Slides and image gallery management
Add, remove or modify presentation slides and images from the gallery. Create gallery folders, drag & drop to move image position or from folder to folder. Add search tags, image titles and set permissions for sharing and synchronising with videos and audio broadcasts. Your gallery stores all your images and photos ready to share and sync with your live or on-demand audio and videos.

Tip:  Open PowerPoint Presentation file and 'Save As > Other Formats'.  In the 'Save as type', select .PNG or .JPEG  and click 'Every Slide' option to create individual images. Select all slides to upload to your gallery then add titles and search tags before syncing with your live or on-demand audio/video file.