3B NEXUS is a London based online technology and marketing private company specializing in hosting, streaming, publishing and distribution of live and on-demand multimedia content for the investment and business sector. 

  • 3B = The three investment strategies: BULL, BEAR and BUTTERFLY.
    Butterfly is a neutral option strategy combining Bull and Bear spreads.
  • NEXUS = a connection or series of connections linking two or more things together, a hub or a link.
    ("a nexus of ideas", " a connected group or series").


Where can you find an independent hub with a variety of free and open-access multimedia professional content uploaded by investors, corporates, media and market specialists – from all sectors, industries, markets and regions? 

3B PORTAL is the free and open-access marketing and communications hub, an independent meeting place for investors, corporates and market specialists to publish their multimedia content targeting both the retail and professional financial audiences through mandatory compliance validation. The portal also offers a place to promote sector events, conferences and business services to increase visibility in relevant markets. Efficient multimedia hub combining live and on-demand content from investors, corporates, media and markets with integrated smart filters and saved searches, plus alerts and tools for effective interaction between viewers and publishers.


3B PLAYER is designed with adaptive features for live and on-demand media streaming on multiple viewing devices and browsers. The player is fine-tuned to support multiple languages through subtitles and to efficiently deliver cross-media HD video, audio, webcasts and documents on the portal as well as the white-labelled single players, playlists and multimedia channel applets embedded on customers’ websites.

The player enables publishers to distribute video presentations, transcripts, product or company factsheets, press releases, research and financial documents.  Publishers can monetize their content through multiple integrated advertising and syndication solutions.

Targeted Marketing

This is our unique service offering active promotions of client content to relevant sector audiences to achieve wider reach. We help push your public content to relevant audiences and we promote our customer videos and webcasts directly to sector specific investors, analysts and financial media though email marketing, direct feeds and media link distribution.

Our Commitment

Because we believe we can!
We want to build an alternative and better multimedia solution for the Enterprise. We aim to bring investors and companies together and help businesses of all sizes reduce marketing costs and make real impact online with timely and effective multimedia communications using our platform, portal, player and targeted distribution services.