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Prof. Dr. Olaf G. Wilhelm
Chief Executive Officer
WILEX AG - Research and development of smallmolecule drugs for autoimmune diseases and cancer
The therapeutic agent RENCAREX® (INN: Girentuximab) is a targeted antibody for the treatment of solid tumours. The antibody Girentuximab binds to the CA IX antigen expressed on the tumour cells, thereby triggering an immune reaction called Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC). Through this mechanism, effector cells, e.g. NK (natural killer) cells, of the immune system are activated to kill the tumour cells.

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WILEX AG, Guiding targeted therapies through diagnostics
sales, Deals, Alliances, Oncology-focused biopharmaceutical, clinical and commercial milestones, combination of therapeutics and diagnostics, Products Technologies , At a glance
portfolio, partners, REDECTANE®, RENCAREX®, MESUPRON®, WX-554, WX-037, Antibodies, ADC Platform , Broad portfolio and strong partners
commercialisation strategy, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Research, Royalties, Licensing, Revenues, Licensing, income, Positioning in three segments
personalised cancer treatment, CA IX, therapeutics, diagnostics, Oncogene Science , WILEX Group's combined offering
Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CAIX), HIF-1, biomarker, hypoxia, What is Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CAIX) and what does it do?
Diagnostic imaging , Diagnostic imaging
REDECTANE®, renal cell cancer (ccRCC), , REDECTANE (R): Diagnosis of clear cell renal cell cancer (ccRCC)
Girentuximab (cG250), Nijmegen, MSKCC/LICR, SPA approved by FDA , Development of the REDECTANE (R) concept
metastases, metastasis, REDECTANE (R) detects primary tumour and distant metastases
REDECTANE(R) detects also small tumours: T1a (1.7cm) ccRCC , REDECTANE(R) detects also small tumours: T1a (1.7cm) ccRCC
Final study results, REDECTANE (R): Final study results
In-vitro diagnostic , In-vitro diagnostic
Univariate analysis of biomarker in trastuzumab-treated MBC, Univariate Analysis, HER2, TIMP-1, uPA, Endoglin, CAIX, VEGF, Serum Biomarker, (PFS) p-value, (OS) p-value , Univariate analysis of biomarker in trastuzumab-treated MBC
pretreatment serum CAIX, Probability, Serum CAIX , Elevated pretreatment serum CAIX predicts reduced survival
Multivariate analysis, biomarker in trastuzumab-treated MBC, Progression-Free Survival (PFS), Conclusions , Multivariate analysis of biomarker in trastuzumab-treated MBC
oncological biomarker, personalised medicine, kidney, cervix, lung, bladder, colon and head & neck , CAIX: important oncological biomarker in the development of personalised medicine
Forward looking statements , Forward Looking Statements